Frequently Asked Questions
How long have you been in business?
21 years.

Besides your online images do you have printed portfolio images?
Yes, several, in some different album presentations.

Will you be the photographer to actually shoot my wedding or event?
Yes. I am always the primary photographer unless additional photographers are contracted for the event. For weddings, a second shooter or assistant is often a distraction to the wedding party and the enjoyment of the wedding. I prefer to give my ultimate concentration on creating beautiful images without worrying about distractions.

Do you use professional equipment?
Yes, the best professional imaging equipment that Nikon sells.

Do you have back up equipment?
Yes, both camera, extra lenses and flash back ups for any emergency.

Do you have references?

Do you do retouching?
Yes, for all enlargements.

Can you provide black & white prints and how much extra does it cost?
Yes, and there is no additional charge for black & white.

Can you do color tinted black & whites (sometimes called “hand tinted”)?

Can I order canvas enlargements?
Yes, you can even see a sample at a personal portfolio viewing.

If you shoot my wedding when can I expect to see proofs?
Usually within 10 working days.