Charlie McDonald, owner and chief photographer of Summer Breeze Photography located in Naples, Florida.
Announced as First Place recipient in an international portrait photography competition..

My photographic work was first published over 23 years ago in a national full glossy magazine publication. In fact, my first photo ever published was a portrait – sort of. I don’t think I knew much about telling a story with an image back then but when I look at that first photo it actually did. It was to run with a column for an upscale fish recipe. Well, what better then to capture, on film, a shot of the head chef of one of Canada’s finest restaurants, in full uniform, with a fish in hand that you knew was destined for the dinner table and all this set outside the restaurant in its beautiful surroundings conveying a look of invitation to say “Come in and dine”. Did I get lucky or was it instinct – who knows. What I do know now is that photography is a learning process – still today. Too many photo opportunities, not enough time. From film to digital capture to computer manipulation and web sites, there seems to be no end and that’s what makes it as exciting today as when I saw that first published shot.

After having studied formally with the New York Institute of Photography my avenues for creative expression have certainly blossomed. Experiencing the world, looking at light, looking at people, flowers, buildings and creating thousands of images is, in a way, a greater teacher than any of my formal training. My images have been published in magazines, newsprint (including the New York Times), international magazine advertising, catalogues and numerous web sites. I have worked with brides, models, musicians and "difficult" mothers of the bride. I have had wedding challenges - limos not showing up to take the bridal party to the church, torrential rain in the middle of an outdoor reception, a bride showing up an hour late for a sunset wedding, churches that don't allow flash photography and more. It's all part of the challenge and excitement of making sure that I get the right shot at the right moment.

Mood, passion, movement and most of all, emotion, all play significant roles in imagery. To capture an image that creates an emotional reaction is sublime.

This web site contains just a sampling of my images. I like to cross boundaries – it keeps life interesting. You will see a diverse array of images. I like to hope that it attests to my imagination, flexibility and creativity. It provides a glimpse into the world that I love to capture. Please share with me these images.

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